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The Top 10 Deep Tech Venture Capital Funds in Israel

The heart of technology innovation beats strongly in Israel, and the hardware startup ecosystem is no exception. In this post, we'll explore the top 10 deep tech venture capital funds that are actively shaping the landscape for hardware startups in Israel. These VC firms bring expertise, funding, and a passion for technology, creating a nurturing environment for hardware innovation.

1. Vintage Investment Partners

Vintage Investment Partners, with AUM of $3.6B, has stood the test of time, providing steadfast support investing in late stage hardware startups in Israel. With a wealth of experience and resources, they empower startups to build a legacy of innovation.

2. Cardumen Capital

Cardumen Capital invests in companies in the pre-seed and seed stages. Founded and led by Gonzalo Martinez de Azagra, formerly head of Samsung Ventures in Israel and with $250M in AUM they were the first investors in companies such as Neureality and Coretigo.These companies have raised subsequent rounds from large corporations like Amazon, Qualcomm, Lenovo, Verizon Wireless, Samsung, SK Hynix and Emerson Electronic. 

3. OurCrowd

With north of $2.1B in AUM, OurCrowd invests in companies of all stages across a wide range of industries. They do not shy away from investments in hardware companies such as UPnRIDE, enVerid, Liquid Instruments and more.

4. Glilot Capital Partners

With over 12 years of experience investing in Israeli startups, ana $700M in AUM, Glilot has no shortage of resources to back promising hardware startups.

5. Grove Ventures

With investments in companies like Teramount, Wiliot and TriEye, and around $500M in AUM, Grove Ventures are no strangers to investing in hardware startups. Led by industry mainstay Dov Moran and partners such as Renana Askenazi and Lotan Levkowitz, Grove Ventures invest in companies starting from the Seed stage.

6. 10d

Spearheaded by Rotem Eldar, Yahal Zilak, Itay Rand and Adi Dangot Zukovsky, and with $355M in AUM 10d invests in Seed and Series A companies in diverse fields including hardware.

7. Deep Insight

With investments in companies like Rapid Medical, Addionics and Ramon Space, and led by Chairman Eyal Kishon and Managing Partner Bark Ben-Eliezer, Deep Insight have a laser focus on deep tech companies across all stages.

8. Tal Ventures 

Founded by Eyal Dior and Ron Ostroff Tal Ventures is industry and stage agnostic and have invested in hardware companies such as Anchora Medical and Diamond Electronics. 

9. IBI tech fund 

Investing in Seed to B rounds and with $110M in AUM, IBI tech fund was founded and is led by Dan Aks and Dor Lee-Lo. They’re also open to investments in hardware companies, for example LightSolver.

10. Amiti Ventures

Amiti Ventures has $185M in AUM and over 13 years of experience investing in Israeli tech. They invest early in Seed and A rounds and are led by Maya Pizov and Ben Rabinowitz. Some examples of hardware startup investments include Innoviz Technologies and Vayyar.

Beyond VC Funds: Corporations as Strategic Investors in Hardware Startups

In addition to venture capital funds, corporations also play a pivotal role in the hardware startup ecosystem in Israel. Tech giants like Intel, Qualcomm, HP, and Samsung have recognised the potential for strategic investments in hardware startups. These corporations bring their vast resources, industry expertise, and global reach to the table, helping startups accelerate their growth and navigate the complex world of hardware innovation. Their investments extend beyond financial support and often involve collaborations, mentorship, and access to cutting-edge technologies.

In conclusion, the hardware startup scene in Israel is thriving, thanks to the efforts of these top-notch venture capital funds and the strategic support of tech corporations. Their investments and partnerships are the driving force behind Israel’s ever-evolving technology landscape. With their guidance and resources, hardware startups in Israel have a solid platform to build innovative products and make a significant impact in the global tech industry.

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