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Israel's Top 6 Vertical SaaS Startups

Israel's tech ecosystem has long been revered for its innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, and over the last few years the tip of the innovation spear have been Vertical SaaS startups. Vertical SaaS startup are flourishing, each bringing unique solutions to various industries. Let's dive into the top six vertical SaaS startups in Israel, showcasing their transformative offerings and the investors backing their journey to success.

1. Block.a


Block.a is a property leasing solution that enables renters to visit apartments on their own time, without the need for scheduling or having an agent on-site. The company uses smart locks for its access control and rental platforms in order to create a more efficient and effective leasing process. block.a enables landlords to seamlessly connect apartments to their agents, who can use the solution to onboard leads for 24/7, on-demand showings.

Investors: Notable investors in Block.a include Cardumen Capital and Reality Group.

2. Bringg

Summary: Bringg is a leading delivery and fulfillment platform that optimizes the last-mile delivery process for businesses worldwide. With advanced logistics capabilities and real-time visibility, Bringg helps businesses enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction in their delivery operations.

Investors: Bringg has garnered support from prominent investors including Insight Partners, Cambridge Capital, GLP, Harlap, Next 47, Pereg Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and Viola Growth.

3. Ivix

Summary: IVIX offers a platform designed for tax authorities to enhance audit efficiency and boost tax revenue. By transforming publicly available business activity data into precise leads using modern algorithms, IVIX aids in pinpointing potential tax evasions. This allows tax authorities to allocate their resources more effectively, elevate collection rates, and foster deterrence in the digital economy.

Investors: Noteworthy investors in Ivix include Insight Partners, Team8 and Cardumen Capital.

4. Kahoona

Summary: Kahoona is a first-party data activation platform that provides an essential solution for a cookie-free and identity-free digital ecosystem. The company’s solution utilizes proprietary technology that enables the analysis and translation of user interactions for use in audience segmentation and real-time personalization. Kahoona’s solutions are designed to help digital businesses increase user monetization while maximizing their return on investment.

Investors: Leading investors in Kahoona are Global Founders Capital and Cardumen Capital. 

5. Moovit

Summary: Moovit is revolutionizing urban mobility with its comprehensive public transit app, providing users with real-time information and trip planning capabilities. With millions of users worldwide, Moovit is shaping the future of transportation in cities around the globe.

Investors: Moovit has received funding from investors such as Intel Capital, Sequoia Capital, and BMW i Ventures.

6. Guesty

Summary: Guesty is a leading property management platform for short-term rental hosts, offering tools to streamline operations, automate tasks, and enhance guest experiences. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Guesty is empowering hosts to scale their businesses efficiently.

Investors: Guesty counts Sixth Street, MSD Growth, Viola and Flashpoint among its notable investors.

Israel's vertical SaaS startups continue to disrupt industries and drive innovation on a global scale. With visionary founders and strong investor backing, these startups are poised to shape the future of technology and redefine the way businesses operate. Keep an eye on these trailblazers as they continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in vertical SaaS.

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