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Exploring the Top 10 Generative AI Startups in Israel

Updated: Feb 14

Israel has solidified its position as a global hub for technological innovation, and within the realm of artificial intelligence, a wave of groundbreaking startups is spearheading the charge. In this post, we'll delve into the promising landscape of Generative AI and explore the 11 most noteworthy startups in the field, each contributing to the evolution of AI technology.

1. AI21 Labs

  • Website: 

  • What they do: AI21 Labs specializes in natural language processing, developing cutting-edge models that redefine the capabilities of language-based AI applications. One of the company's most notable products is the AI21 Studio, an AI-powered writing assistant that uses natural language processing to help writers improve their writing skills. 

  • Founders: Or Levi, Prof. Yoav Shoham, and Prof. Amnon Shashua.

  • Investors: Pitango, Walden Catalyst.

  • Website:

  • What they do: is an advanced AI-powered creative analysis platform designed to help users create videos with the highest likelihood of success, from ideation to optimization to production. The platform’s innovative SaaS technology enables businesses to identify their top-performing elements in creatives, get full-funnel data, and perform intelligent competitive analysis.

  • Founders: Asaf Yanai, Koby Berkovich

  • Investors: a16z, Cardumen Capital. 

3. D-ID

  • Website: 

  • What they do: D-ID’s generative AI technology elevates customer experience, learning and development, sales, and marketing content. The platform enables users to generate photorealistic digital presenters from text, dramatically reducing the cost and hassle of video production at scale.

  • Founders: Gil Perry, Eliran Kuta, and Sella Blondheim.

  • Investors: Pitango, OurCrowd.

4. Munch

  • Website: 

  • What they do: Munch is an AI-driven content creation platform that leverages AI to help businesses maximize their ROI on social media content. The platform includes automatic editing, subtitle generation, pre-scripted social media posts formulated through AI technology and caters to a multilingual audience supporting over 20 different languages. 

  • Founders: Oren Kandel, Peter Naftaliev

  • Investors: A*, Cardumen Capital.

5. Tabnine

  • Website:

  • What they do: Tabnine’s AI autocomplete assistant helps developers and teams create better software faster. It provides accurate code suggestions, automating 43% of written code for developers, saving precious time that would be spent researching and debugging routine code.

  • Founders: Dror Weiss and Eran Yahav.

  • Investors: Pitango.

6. Illumex

  • Website:

  • What they do: Illumex is the first platform to enable enterprises' GenAI readiness, with automatic data mapping via an Active Semantic Metric Layer. Illumex provides enterprises with full operational visibility by solving the "bad data problem" critical for data driven decision making, reliable business analytics and trustworthy results when using LLMs.

  • Founders: Inna Tokarev Sela

  • Investors: Cardumen Capital, Jibe Ventures.

7. Second Nature

  • Website:

  • What they do: SecondNature provides a revolutionary sales training and certification platform that allows enterprise sales enablement teams to effectively scale their activities through an AI-powered virtual customer

  • Founders: Ariel Hitron, Alon Shalita

  • Investors: StageOne Ventures, Cardumen Capital, Signals.VC, Zoom

8. Peech

  • Website:

  • What they do: Peech is a platform that enables enterprise content marketing teams to scale their video marketing creation by providing automated video editing and improving internal collaboration.

  • Founders: Danielle Dafni, Jonathan Kanarek

  • Investors: Cardumen Capital, Fresh Fund.

9. Anyword

  • Website:

  • What they do: Anyword focuses on AI-driven content optimization, offering solutions to enhance and personalize marketing copy for various businesses.

  • Founders: Yaniv Makover and Arnon Joseph

  • Investors: UpWest, Innovation Endeavors.

10. Lightricks

  • Website:

  • What they do: Lightricks’ core mission is to revolutionize photo and video creation, placing the power of crafting compelling, high-performing content into the hands of creators and brands alike. It achieves this through cutting-edge technology that seamlessly blends facial recognition and generative AI features, pushing the boundaries of digital creativity.

  • Founders: Zeev Farbman, Nir Pochter, Amit Goldstein and Yaron Inger.

  • Investors: Insight Partners.

As these 10 startups continue to push the boundaries of Generative AI, Israel solidifies its position as a global leader in AI innovation. With diverse applications ranging from natural language processing to computer vision, these companies are shaping the future of technology and transforming industries across the globe. The support of notable investors like Insight Partners, Pitango, Cardumen Capital and OurCrowd underscores the confidence in their potential to drive meaningful change in the AI landscape. Keep an eye on these trailblazers as they illuminate the path to a new era of artificial intelligence.

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